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syslog-ng Store Box Technical Training

This one day hands-on instructor-led training course provides IT experts the knowledge and skills needed to configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the syslog-ng Store Box (SBB) central logserver appliance.
At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

o Understand SSB and logging architecture
o Create SSB configuration
o Check sources, destinations an log pathes
o Find errors in configuration

• Audience
All security and server administrators tasked with handling and maintaining SSB servers.

• Prerequisites
- General IT knowledge
- UNIX and Windows administration knowledge
- PKI knowledge
- Logging knowledge
- TCP/IP knowledge

• Topics
Introduction to the system loging
- Introduction to syslog metgods
- Introduction to syslog protocols

The SSB architecture
- Concepts
- Possible scenarios and deployment modes
- The administrative interfaces

Initialization - Install and the Welcome Wizard
- Process of Initialization

Basic settings
- Networking
- System (firmware, HA etc.)
- Date & time
- Management (backup, certificate, mail etc.)
- Alerting and monitoring
- Troubleshooting
- The Dashboard

User admin and rights management
- Users
- Groups
- Rights
- Auth methods
- Accounting
- LDAP and AD integration

SSB settings
- Reading logs
- Local stores (spaces)
- Logrouting (remote storage)
- Log path
- Further settings
- Sharing spaces with CIFS and NFS
- Encrypt spaces and display encrypted spaces

- Simple UNIX clients
- Install and settings of windows clients

SQL sources and destinations
- Configure fetching log messages from SQL databases
- Configure store messages in SQL databases

Display and searching logs

- System defined reports
- Custom reports

Advanced topics
- Classification
- Alerts
- Peer configuration changes

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940,10 Euro (inkl. 19% MwSt.)

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Dauer: 1 Tage
Sprache des Seminars: Englisch
Sprache der Seminarunterlagen: Englisch


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