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BloxOne Threat Defense (B1TD) Course 3 Tage (ehemals SDCA)

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Course Description Learn how to secure your DNS infrastructure and protect your network from malicious attacks with Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense. Configure BloxOne Threat Defense to proactively secure your enterprise network, remote offices, and roaming personnel against DNS-based data exfiltration and malware communication with external networks. Capabilities include on-premise DNS Firewall with BloxOne Threat Defense feeds, TIDE, Dossier, Advanced DNS Protection, and Threat Insight. Discover how to leverage the Infoblox Reporting & Analytics module to gain greater visibility into your DNS security activities and threats.

Target Audience This is a comprehensive course for team members responsible for implementation, administration, operations, or maintenance of the Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense products.

Ideally, experience in Infoblox and DNS or a visit to the CDCA course

Duration 4 days

Style Lecture, demo, and hands-on lab exercises

Available Modalities Instructor-led Virtual instructor-led On-Demand

Max Class Size 8 attendees

Prerequisites None


Day 1
• DNS Firewall Overview • Local RPZ and RPZ Rules • BloxOne Threat Defense RPZ Feeds • DNS Firewall Monitoring and Reporting

Day 2
• Infoblox TIDE • Infoblox Dossier • Dossier Investigation • Dossier API • Threat Insight Overview • Configuring Threat Insight • Threat Insight Monitoring and Reporting

Day 3
• Securing NIOS DNS • ADP Overview • ADP Appliance Configuration • ADP Rulesets, Rules and Profiles • ADP Monitoring and Reporting • ADP Tuning

Day 4 (e-learning)
• Introduction to Cloud • DNS Review • Cloud Services Portal overview • Getting your DNS traffic to B1TD Cloud • DNS Forwarding Proxies • Threat Investigation with TIDE, Dossier, APIs/B1TD Cloud • Ecosystem Integration

Accreditation BloxOne Threat Defense accreditation exam (on-line, open book)

Training Credits 50

More Information https://www.infoblox.com/support/infoblox-education-services/courses/

2.604,00 Euro (ohne 16% MwSt.)
3.020,64 Euro (inkl. 16% MwSt.)

Dauer: 3 Tage
Sprache des Seminars: Deutsch
Sprache der Seminarunterlagen: Deutsch


Termin angeboten von Exclusive Networks DeutschlandExclusive Networks Deutschland GmbH, Münster Frank Eichhorn02.11.2020 - 04.11.202009:30 - 17:00 UhrAnmelden

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