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SYSLOG-NG Store Box technical training

The scope of the training
The goal of this training is to give IT experts the knowledge and skills needed to configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the syslog-ng Store Box central logserver appliance.

To whom do we suggest?
To all security and server administrators, who\'s task is to handle and mainenance SSB servers. At the end of the trainig attendees will be able to install, configure, maintene SSB systems and find and correct errors and subbmit SSB support centers.

Training description
The training gives the most important knowledge of SSB mantenance. On the training users will learn and try SSB server administration, the architecture and usage of management interface. At the end of the training attendeies will:

- Know SSB and logging architecture
- Create SSB configuration
- Checking sources, destinations an log pathes
- Finding errors in configuration

Qualification needed for the training
- Average IT knowledge
- UNIX and Windows administration knowledge
- PKI knowledge
- Logging knowledge
- TCP/IP knowledge

Necessary Equipment Laptop with VMware/Virtual Box

790,00 Euro (ohne 19% MwSt.)
940,10 Euro (inkl. 19% MwSt.)

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Dauer: 1 Tage
Sprache des Seminars: Englisch
Sprache der Seminarunterlagen: Englisch


Termin angeboten von Exclusive Networks DeutschlandExclusive Networks Deutschland GmbH, München Peter Höltzl29.11.201809:30 - 17:00 UhrAnmelden


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